My ‘HPV’ Hell 

My Story..

If you clicked the link for this blog post you would have read what topic this post is centered around, In Ireland and the world at the moment this topic is very raw and controversial, but it has been affecting teenage girls like myself all over the globe in the most horrific ways, some worse than others, so I am here to share the story of my experience with the “Human Papillomavirus”.

My experience with the “HPV” vaccine was anything but enjoyable.  I got my first dose of the vaccine in the first months of my first year in Secondary School, they first gave out the information leaflets regarding the vaccine to their students, being the  careless teenage girl I was, I went home and gave the leaflet straight to my parents to sign for permission to get this vaccine, like any other parent in Ireland at the time, my parents trusted this information leaflet with a very short list of side effects, they read it prevented cervical cancer so instinctively they gave their permission almost immediately.

The next week or so, all the first year students were called class by class into the school hall to be injected with this so-called “miracle” vaccine, what they didn’t know was that it would change some of those girls lives forever.

At first nothing seemed out of the ordinary I got no routine side effects, no nausea, no fever, and no pain or redness in my arm where I was injected, I was perfectly fine.  Fast forward a couple of months, I was on Easter break holidaying in Spain with my family, everything was great couldn’t be better, when suddenly my mood plummeted, I couldn’t think straight, I couldn’t keep a conversation with anyone, I was paranoid, I felt like everyone around me was out to get me, I cried at the slightest thing, I was sleeping for hours on end, I wasn’t eating, wasn’t drinking, my over all health was slowly but surely taking a turn for the worst. My parents were worried sick, they didn’t know what was happening to their little girl.

Fast forward a week, I was at home, after a plane ride which felt like an eternity because every second I was in the air I thought the plane would fall out of the sky. My parents brought me straight out to the doctors to try to figure out what was wrong with me, the doctor immediately diagnosed me with depression, straight away prescribed me with Lexapro, (keep in mind I was 14 years of age on that type of drug) My parents thought that would cure me….It didn’t.

Turns out I didn’t have depression at all it was one of the hundreds of side-effects not listed might I add, in the information leaflet distributed to me by the trusted Healthcare Board of Ireland.  After months of being on Lexapro I still wasn’t showing any signs of improvement, my psychiatrist wanted to give me a stronger dose of antidepressants, but my parents didn’t agree as I was too young to be on that type of medication.

So after my parents thought they had gone through every avenue of help they could find for me, a miracle happened and we were presented the name and number of a Homeopath that would change our lives for the better, after meeting with the homeopath she straight away put my condition down to the “HPV” vaccine, I was given a year before.

After nearly two years of changing my diet completely and taking all her prescribed natural remedies, my parents were slowly starting to get their little girl back, and I was starting to get my life back.  I had lost nearly two years of my education and three years of my life due to the “HPV” vaccine that I will never get back.

  Although my story has a happy ending, that’s not the case for some girls. Some girls are affected so badly by this vaccine they have been forced to live out the rest of their days in a wheel chair, some experience daily seizures, worst cases have even been fatal.

  It’s sad to say that this vaccine is still being distributed to girls all over the world today, this needs to stop and now, before it’s to late.

  I hope this post has opened your eyes to some of the horrors this “miracle” vaccine has been causing, and I truly wish it has made you rethink your choice in giving your permission to vaccinate your little girl this coming September.

Thank you for reading.

Robyn x

2 thoughts on “My ‘HPV’ Hell ”

  1. <<>> …and you believed her. Because depression never develops in teenage girls. (actually 10-15% of teenagers experience depression during their teenage years). And it was a year beforehand…so you believe this vaccine hid inside you for months on end and then suddenly decided to make you depressed? And you listened to the opinion of a homeopath??? Someone whose livelihood involves convincing people that water has magic properties – claims that have absolutely NO basis in scientific reality? If you have the courage to challenge your own beliefs suggest you read some of the principles of homeopathy- then read your science book and ask yourself if the homeopathic claims are backed up by the evidence. Be as sceptical of ALL claims as you are of the claims you don’t agree with. Ask your homeopath what other parts of medicine they disagree with and have them justify their answers – see if their response fits with commonly accepted science.

    Clearly you experienced a serious bout of depression and I’m sorry that happened to you – but the fact is this is depressingly (pun intended) common in teenage girls. And so is recovering – though these things can reoccur and you should be prepared for that by recognising the symptoms early if you experience them again. What you are doing with the above post is contributing to a dangerous fallacy which is putting people at risk of a very serious and difficult to treat cancer. You need to cop yourself on and stop deluding yourself and other people.


    1. Hi Colin,
      Before you start contradicting me and the other 900+ girls that have been affected by this vaccine, take a look at the Gardasil’s launch in 2006 until November 2012, the HPV vaccine was linked to 121 deaths and over 27,485 medical injuries of young girls, some as young as 11 years old. At the end of last year, the number rose to over 30,000 serious injuries and over 150 deaths. Yes I actually did believe in the homeopath, because before modern medicine emerged ( aka ‘the pill for every ill’ ) the only prescriptions available were the ones from your back garden. My condition was first diagnosed as clinical depression and was treated with courses of anti-depressants and counselling, both of which did not improve my illness. It was not until I seeked the help of a homeopath that I truly began to heal. So as somebody who has truly experienced it, I would like to see your proof that homeopathy is not efficient in healing any form of illness. Regards, Robyn


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